Winterize Lawn Sprinkler System Peoria Il

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Winterize Lawn Sprinkler System Peoria, IL

Get Ready to Winterize Your Lawn Sprinkler System in Peoria IL

Fall is the ideal time to winterize your sprinkler system before the winter hits. For that, look to the professionals at Commercial Irrigation. Our professionals have the skill, training and tools to properly winterize your system so it’s in good shape come spring. We proudly serve all of Peoria, as well as surrounding areas like Pekin, Bloomington and Champaign.

It’s critical to maintain your investment over time. After all, you spent a lot of money on your residential or commercial sprinkler system. If you neglect regular maintenance, you can drastically reduce its life span. Plus, you can increase its chances of failure when you go to turn it on in the spring. For that, let us winterize lawn sprinkler system in Peoria IL.

Winterization Services

Here at Commercial Irrigation, we specialize in winterization services marked by attention to detail and superior customer service. Here’s a look at some of the tasks we will take care of as part of our winterization duties:

  • Turn off water inside and outside, shutting the controller and overall system down properly.
  • Blow out every zone of the system using a high-volume air compressor and air lines. Proper removal of every drop of water is essential to ensuring your pipes don’t freeze during our harsh Illinois winters.
  • Repair any existing issues or recommend spring fixes to start planning for.

Sub-par shutdowns put your sprinkler at risk. We give you reliable, affordable winterizations and blowouts for your peace of mind. Thus, we want to help you maximize your sprinkler system’s efficiency while reducing water use and extending the system’s lifespan.

Our service area includes:

Contact us for Lawn Sprinkler System Winterization in Peoria IL

Commercial Irrigation can provide you with complete winterization services for your lawn sprinkler system in Peoria and surrounding communities. Call us today at (309) 698-3011 or complete our online form for more information.

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