What Irrigation is Best for You?

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By now, if you’re considering an irrigation system for your home or property, you must be wondering what to get. Otherwise, you might think sprinklers are your only option. Depending on your situation, irrigation in Bloomington IL can differ vastly. But how can you know what irrigation is best for you? With a little help from Commercial Irrigation & Turf, we’ll get you on the right track to determine how best to water your property, yard or garden.

Sprinkler Irrigation

The irrigation system people most commonly refer to is sprinkler irrigation. Simply put, sprinkler irrigation is when sprinklers are evenly distributed throughout your yard and spray water over the top at specific intervals. If you have a large piece of land, sprinklers are your best bet. Moreover, these systems work just about anywhere. However, sprinkler irrigation is more costly than other irrigation systems and a windy day can easily manipulate the water distribution.

Drip Irrigation

Another well-known irrigation system is drip irrigation. Although this system is popular, you would use it in unique scenarios. For example, you wouldn’t use drip irrigation for covering your entire lawn. Drip irrigation sits low to the ground and supplies a steady “drip” of water to the roots of plants. Thus, drip irrigation is excellent for growing gardens or crops. Additionally, drip irrigation is cheaper to install than sprinkler irrigation. But, the downside to drip irrigation is it can make up that cost by requiring the most maintenance and upkeep of other irrigation systems.

Mechanized Irrigation

Farmers frequently utilize a method of irrigation for large fields called mechanized irrigation. This form of irrigation is like sprinkler irrigation. However, mechanized irrigation differs as it is set up above ground rather than below. This makes this system easy to move and adjust. Thus, you can best use it on large pieces of land with varied terrain. But, don’t expect to use this irrigation system for anything other than commercial or rural property, as it’s quite large.

Surface Irrigation

Surface Irrigation, otherwise known as flood irrigation, is the simplest of all the irrigation methods. You create pools of water above the land you wish to irrigate. As this water overflows, it runs down over your property, evenly distributing itself. Gravity is the driving force of this type of irrigation. And while this may be the most natural and inexpensive way to water a field, it can only be used in specific situations. For example, your land must be on a gradual slope. Otherwise, surface irrigation won’t correctly work.

Set Up Your Irrigation System Today

Whether looking for sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, or any other irrigation in Bloomington IL, get your system set up by the best irrigation company in all Central Illinois, Commercial Irrigation & Turf. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve assisted clients of both residential and commercial properties. Golf courses, parks, sports complexes, personal residences and more, Commercial Irrigation & Turf has done it all. To ask about potential irrigation in Bloomington IL for your property, call us today at (309) 829-1818. Also, we are located at 1201 E Bell St, Ste 150, Bloomington, IL 61701.

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