Sprinkler Winterization Springfield IL

The Importance of Sprinkler Winterization in Springfield IL

Commercial Irrigation and Turf protects your irrigation system from damage due to freezing with our sprinkler winterization in Springfield IL. Avoid a costly repair bill by scheduling your winterization service today. Call your trusted local sprinkler experts now at 217-290-1112.

Once the calendar hits September or October, you should get on our winterization list. That way, our expert sprinkler technicians can get your system prepared for winter before the season’s first frosts. Do not let water freeze inside your system and cause damage. The cost of repairs for broken pipes, sprinkler heads, or other components will run much higher than our affordable winterization service.

Do not wait! Contact us now to schedule your sprinkler winterization in Springfield IL. For your convenience, we have also included answers to frequently asked questions on our website.

When Should I Get Sprinkler Winterization?

Many of our customers finish using their irrigation in September. However, some clients can run their systems into October. For the best results, you should get on our winterization list as early as possible in September or October. Your lines must be drained or blown out using an air compressor before the first hard freeze. If you wait any later, you risk damage to your system from the first hard freeze of the fall. Let Commercial Irrigation and Turf protect your system with sprinkler winterization in Springfield IL.

We Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

If you fail to winterize your system, leftover water inside the system will freeze. With no room for the freezing water to expand, the pipes can crack or burst in large sections. That sort of catastrophic damage to pipes ranks among the most costly and difficult repairs to undergo. Plus, repairs will affect the look of your lawn since the pipes are installed underground. That makes it imperative to drain as much water as possible from the lines before temperatures fall below freezing. Therefore, you should schedule your sprinkler winterization in Springfield IL today.

Prevent Damage to Your Sprinkler Heads

When you take advantage of our sprinkler winterization in Springfield IL, you protect your pipes and sprinkler heads, too. It is important to prevent water from freezing on sprinkler heads. As the frozen water expands, the pressure from the ice can break the sprinkler heads. Also, the frozen water can cause the sprinkler to crack down the side. Plus, water can freeze inside the small supply tube that pushes the nozzle above ground. Any of these sorts of issues will require you to replace the entire sprinkler head with a new unit.

Sprinkler Winterization Springfield IL

Schedule Your Sprinkler Winterization in Springfield IL

Count on Commercial Irrigation and Turf sprinkler specialists to keep your irrigation system protected from damage caused by freezing this winter. After 30 years as an industry leader, we know exactly what to do to prepare your system for freezing temperatures. Call now at 217-290-1112 to schedule your winterization. You can also contact us online to get a free quote or request an appointment.