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Do Your Prep Work with Sprinkler Winterization in Peoria IL

As the cold begins to set in, our lawns begin to turn brown in preparation for hibernation throughout winter. Suffice to say, you shouldn’t need to water your lawn for the next few months. However, if you have an automatic sprinkler system, it is worth considering how you’re going to protect it for the next few months. With sprinkler winterization in Peoria IL, you can ensure your irrigation system lasts all winter long and is ready to go at the beginning of spring. And to get started with the winterization process, Commercial Irrigation can help.

Over 30 years in the irrigation industry has led Commercial Irrigation to be one of the area’s leading experts in sprinklers and irrigation systems. Our team is ready to serve you with fast and efficient service, from installing new sprinklers to maintaining your current ones. With clients in Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield and throughout Illinois, you can be confident in the quality of the work we provide.

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Professional Help

While there are DIY methods for winterizing your sprinkler system available on the internet, it’s always a better idea to go with professional help. While you might be capable of completing most winterization tasks, one mistake can ensure you’re paying to fix your system come springtime.

  • Professional Grade Equipment
    • You can’t expect to walk into your shed and find all the tools you need to winterize your sprinklers (unless you’re an irrigation contractor yourself). Just the same as it takes professional-grade equipment to install your system, so too does it require industrial tools to winterize your sprinklers. And unless you want to spend a lot of money on the right equipment, you ought to let professionals bring their tools.
  • Small Mistakes Lead to Big Problems
    • Unfortunately, winterizing an irrigation system is no easy task (no matter how many online tutorials you may find). Something as simple as leaving water in your pipes can lead to them freezing and bursting when the weather gets too cold. And if your system breaks in such a way, you’re going to be paying a lot more than you would if you had professionals winterize your sprinklers in the first place.
  • Potential Voided Warranties
    • While it might not be something you think about, you could risk voiding a warranty if you don’t properly winterize your sprinklers or forget to do so. No warranty for any product will cover owner negligence in any scenario. Thus, it’s essential to be proactive with your irrigation system. Call Commercial Irrigation at the beginning of the fall and have us prepare your sprinklers for winter.

What Commercial Irrigation is All About

While you’ll only have to think about sprinkler winterization in Peoria IL for a short period, Commercial Irrigation can assist with your irrigation needs at all other times of the year. We offer various services meant to help you keep your lawns green and beautiful all season long. For example, some of our services include:

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