Sprinkler Systems Installed Pekin Il

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Reliable Sprinkler Systems Installed in Pekin IL

We put reliability at the forefront of all we do. After all, this is a big investment on your part. You want to make sure the job is done right. That’s why we give you full warranty protection. We can promise all that at Commercial Irrigation for reliable sprinkler systems installed in Pekin IL. We bring 30 years of experience to this industry so you know you’re getting the highest quality service possible. Are you looking to get your golf course or residential yard lush and green like your neighbors? You can’t achieve that without the right sprinkler system.

When you purchase one of our systems, we attach a full warranty. Specializing in commercial irrigation, we use the latest technology and address all phases of your project. Thus, we handle preliminary evaluation, budget, construction and closeout documentation.

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What We Do: Expert, Affordable Installation

Make the right choice and select the experts in commercial, residential and golf irrigation in Central Illinois. We have lots of experience (more than three decades) and can thus meet and exceed your needs, whether you need:

  • Commercial Sprinkler Installation: Consultation, budgeting, design, specification, bidding, installation and service.
  • Residential Sprinkler Installation: Design, installation, maintenance and service.
  • Irrigation Services: Winterizing, system startup, backflow testing, controls management, inspection, sprinkler head maintenance, controllers, valves, pipes, backflow prevention device, drip/micro irrigation.
  • Golf Irrigation Service
  • Underground & Geothermal Services

Offering both residential and commercial divisions, we work with you through every step of your project. And with staff receiving hands-on training in installation and construction, you enjoy top value for your investment. Because you get peace of mind with our services, you should choose us!

Contact us to Install Your Pekin IL Sprinkler System

For the best sprinkler systems installed right in Pekin IL, call Commercial Irrigation today at (309) 698-3011 or fill out our online form for more information. Lastly, we are located close by in East Peoria at 109 Commercial Drive.

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