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Expert Professional Sprinkler Service in Springfield IL

Commercial Irrigation uses only certified technicians to provide you with expert professional sprinkler service in Springfield IL. For more than 30 years, Central Illinois has counted on us when it comes to commercial and residential irrigation services. Give us a call today at (309) 698-3011 for a free estimate on sprinkler service.

We make it our goal to serve Central Illinois and our team is ready to work with you. In fact, all our staff receives “hands-on” training in all aspects of sprinkler service, repairs and installation for commercial and residential irrigation systems. Plus, we make a commitment to ensuring that you receive top value for your investment. As a result, we follow through by hiring and training the best people and investing in industry-leading tools and equipment. So, call us when you need service for the following:

  • Trenchless Technology
  • Valves
  • Pipes
  • Sprinkler Heads
  • Rain Sensors
  • Backflow System
  • Leak Detection

Contact us right now to request a free quote on sprinkler service in Springfield IL. Plus, please use helpful resources on our website such as our customer portal, online bill pay and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Avoid Overwatering with Sprinkler Service in Springfield IL

A malfunctioning irrigation system will cost you big bucks when it comes to your water bill and replacing your overwatered landscaping. If you notice repeated pooling of water in your yard, you need sprinkler service in Springfield IL. When your sprinkler head clogs, breaks or rotates in the wrong direction, it can cause puddles of water to form. As a result, you get soaked with a big water bill and your lawn suffers.

Sprinkler Service Prevents Leaks

Leaks of any kind in your system require immediate sprinkler service in Springfield IL. First, check to see if your sprinkler heads leak. There should be no dripping or spraying once you turn the system off. If you notice your yard getting muddy regularly, you may even need repairs to your pipes. Let one of our experienced technicians diagnose whether you need service on sprinkler heads or pipes.

Remove Blockages with Sprinkler Service

When your system turns on and off, it likely contains a blocked valve if you do not observe any spray. Turn off the water, take off the valve and clean it. If the problem persists, the valve will need to be replaced. Spray heads can also be blocked by grass or dirt. Try unscrewing the top of a clogged head to remove the obstruction. If that does not fix your problem, call us for expert professional sprinkler service in Springfield IL.

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Commercial Irrigation technicians contain the proper training and experience to provide the best sprinkler service. If you notice low water pressure, mud puddles in your yard, leaks or no water spray, call us to look at your system. In fact, we even handle service for systems we did not install. Contact us now for a free quote or call us at (309) 698-3011

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