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Save time and money on your lawn care by working with a top sprinkler company in Springfield IL. Commercial Irrigation is your trusted local source for sprinklers. Call us today at (309) 698-3011 for a free estimate.

Some home improvement projects are easy to do by yourself. However, you should rely on professionals when it comes to sprinkler installation. You can do a lot of damage to your yard, your new sprinkler equipment and your home without the proper knowledge and tools. So, do not try to tackle a complex job like the installation of a new sprinkler system by yourself.

Contact us to get Commercial Irrigation certified technicians to work on your sprinkler installation. In addition, we invite you to visit our site for helpful resources such as tips on our blog, answers to frequently asked questions and even online bill pay.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Our Sprinkler Company

  1. Our Team Comes with the Right Experience
    Commercial Irrigation certified technicians bring more than 20 years of experience on each job for our sprinkler company in Springfield IL. Installing an in-ground sprinkler system involves a lot more steps than you might think. It requires planning, precise measurements and knowledge of important factors such as sprinkler patterns. In fact, best installation practices require proper overlapping sprinkler patterns to ensure your entire lawn gets proper watering and backflow prevention.
  2. We Bring the Right Tools
    Commercial Irrigation owns all the appropriate equipment and supplies as a top sprinkler company in Springfield IL. In-ground sprinkler installation requires much more than a regular garden shovel. The shallow and deep trenching involved in the process needs special equipment our techs bring. Furthermore, our techs are trained to keep your landscaping in top shape. As a result, your yard looks undisturbed after the installation process.
  3. Our Team Gets the Proper Training and Knowledge
    Commercial Irrigation specialists get appropriate training in relevant practices such as backflow prevention. You may not be familiar with backflow prevention. However, our professional technicians know backflow prevention is necessary to protect your drinking water supply from backups. Plus, backflow prevention also protects against flooding caused by a block in the main sewer line.
  4. We Can Save You Money
    Commercial Irrigation designs and installs customized irrigation systems as a top sprinkler company in Springfield IL. As a result, we can help you save money by restricting your purchase to only the equipment you need. Also, our certified professionals install your equipment correctly, limiting damage to sprinkler heads or wiring problems. Therefore, you can save money on replacement parts or repairs that many DIY installs require.
  5. Our Team Can Save You Time
    Commercial Irrigation works quickly as a top sprinkler company in Springfield IL. We know you want to use your irrigation system as quickly as possible to keep your lawn in good shape. Therefore, our team can get your installation finished in hours or days. Thus, you can avoid a DIY project that could stretch out for weeks if you do everything on your own.

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Your lawn deserves the expertise, quality workmanship and great system design from a top sprinkler company in Springfield IL. So, call Commercial Irrigation at (309) 698-3011 for all the benefits of professional irrigation installation, maintenance and repair. You can also request a quote online by sending us a message from our contact form.

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