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Irrigation Service Near Peoria, IL

Repair & Maintenance On Lawn Sprinklers In Central Illinois

At Commercial Irrigation, we offer the best irrigation service in the area. Our team is well-equipped to handle your lawn sprinkler system's maintenance and repairs. In business since 1987, we have worked on every type of system out there and have the knowledge and experience you're looking for in an irrigation company. Call on our team for expert, reliable maintenance and repairs on your irrigation system, guaranteed!

Sprinklers On At Residential Home

Our Irrigation Services

In addition to providing full design and installation for irrigation systems, we also offer regular service on your lawn sprinkler system to keep it functioning properly and working well. And when it doesn't work, we're there for you too. We work with any type of lawn sprinkler system, even if we did not install it. Our irrigation services include:

Maintenance - Regular service on your irrigation system is crucial in order for it to work well and water your grass the right way. When we do a service call, we also perform an inspection on your system to catch any issues before they happen. This early troubleshooting will save you money and hassle later on.

When it's time to turn on your system in the spring, our start up service ensures it is working the right way. We also provide backflow testing and controls management for your irrigation. We'll help you keep your system working properly for years to come. 

Winterization - A huge part of maintaining your irrigation network is to ensure it is completely cleared of water before winter. Our winterization services are thorough and precise, ensuring your system is properly turned off and all water is expelled the right way. 

Repairs - When something with your sprinkler system is not working the way it should be, we will help. Contact us for fast, effective repair services to fix your broken irrigation system. We can replace sprinkler heads, repair or replace valves, fix the pump and more. 

Worry-Free Watering

We like to say we provide worry-free watering to our clients. We want our clients to rest easy knowing that, when they use their sprinkler system, because of our attention to detail on every service, their system will be using only the amount of water their lawn needs. With precise monitoring, thorough inspections and state-of-the-art sensor technology, we make sure your system isn't wasting water or has a leak that could cause issues later on. All you have to do is enjoy your lush, green lawn! 

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Ready to get started? We can set you up with a regular maintenance plan for your lawn sprinkler system with our team of experts. Your lawn will be greener than ever with our help. Contact us today at (309) 698-3011

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