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Thank goodness we’re finally past the frigidness of a Midwest winter! However, as we now make our way through spring, we must begin to consider lawn maintenance. And if the number of times we’ve already had to mow our lawns is any indication of growth to come, we’re in for quite the season of lawn care! So, to help you get into the spirit of things, here are the few suggestions Commercial Irrigation & Turf believes will get you on the way to proper yard maintenance all spring and summer long.

Rake Your Yard

But raking is for fall, you might be thinking. And that’s true! However, raking your yard isn’t only for leaves. Raking your lawn during spring helps catch any lingering leaves, sticks, and debris leftover from winter. A proper raking also loosens up grass clumps in your yard and pulls up potential dead spots. And now that your yard is cleaned up, you can prep it for the remainder of the season.

Give it Some Air

Not everyone will have to aerate their yard. However, if you have rambunctious kids who like to play hard while outside, taking this yard prep step might not be a bad idea. If you have compacted soil, aeration allows water and air to penetrate the soil and reach the grassroots. And finding a lawn aerator for an affordable price isn’t overly difficult.

Get Rid of Weeds

Here’s where you’re going to have to get down and dirty with your lawn prep. Pulling weeds out of your lawn and garden beds can be an exhausting process. Alternatively, there are weed killers or herbicides that you can apply to your grass. However, take great care when doing this so you don’t accidentally damage your lawn.

Seeding and Fertilization

Now that you’ve removed pesky weeds you don’t want invading your yard, it’s time to facilitate grass growth! If there were dead spots on your yard previously, apply fresh seed to those areas. Additionally, fertilizing your lawn after your grass starts greening will ensure your yard stays perfectly green until fall.

Water Your Yard

You didn’t expect us to get through this entire post without mentioning irrigation, right? Perhaps one of the most important aspects of lawn care is consistent but measured watering all season long. Of course, simply spraying your yard down with a hose doesn’t do the trick. This method of watering can lead to uneven growth, drowning of grass, underwatered grass and other issues. Conversely, an irrigation system will help ensure your grass never gets too much or too little water.

Mow Your Grass

Finally, after you’ve taken all additional steps to get your yard ready for the remainder of the season, it’s time to give it a good mow. However, be sure not to undo any of your previous care with a sloppy mow job! If your grass has grown unusually high, lift the blade on your mower up for your first mow. Afterward, you can gradually lower the mower blade to your preferred height. Also, be sure not to leave grass clumps in your yard, which can suffocate the grass below.

Additional Tasks

There’s still plenty to do when getting your yard ready! Here are a few additional tips that aren’t as extensive but are just as important:

  • Prepare Lawn Equipment – Get gas, sharpen blades, change oil and more on your mowers, weed eaters and other lawn tools.
  • Seed Bare Areas – If you notice spots of dead grass, clear out the old grass and seed it with the same grass as the rest of your lawn.
  • Pull Out Your Hose – While watering your lawn with a hose isn’t preferred, it’s better than not watering. Be sure to pull your hose out of storage, stretch it out and run water through it before use.
  • Get Your Lawn Furniture Out of Storage – What’s the point of taking care of your yard if you can’t enjoy it? Be sure to pull your lawn furniture out of the shed and give it a thorough cleaning.

The Help You Need for Sprinklers and Irrigation

While watering your lawn is one part of the greater whole when it comes to lawn maintenance, it’s a crucial part. And to be sure you’re watering your grass the correct way, you need one of the incredible irrigation systems from Commercial Irrigation & Turf. To learn more about how we can install, repair and replace sprinkler systems for your yard (residential or commercial), call us today! You can contact our Springfield office at 217-290-1112. Also, we are located at 206 N Randolf St, Ste 422G, Champaign, IL 61820.

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