ET Irrigation Control Management Overview

What Is ET?: ET stand for Evapotranspiration which is an irrigation term/calculation, that put simply means the loss or gain of moisture to a plant due to plant usage, sun, wind and precipitation.

Why Do I Need This?: Typically a standalone irrigation controller is set to deliver a certain amount of water regardless of what the actual plant water requirement is. Due to this, during the spring and fall we often over-water, while in the summer we tend to under-water. The typical result is a large amount of wasted water anually without the benefit of uniform turf color and quality throughout the season.

How Does It Work?: Our ET system calculates required moisture each day then communicates that information daily to your controller, calculating a run time that will replace only the amount of moisture lost/gained that day. Management by our ET system achieves the following in an average year.

Water Conservation: Water savings of 30%-50% (Site Specific) which helps us to be a better custodian of the environment, while translating into a reduction in water bills for you and/or your company. The bigger your system, the bigger the savings.
Image/Public Perception: Season-long uniformity in turf/landscape quality and color. Obviously, this is what we are trying to achieve by owning and operating irrigation. ET management eliminates constant monitoring by you, and/or a reduction in cost by not having to call us to come to your site to make adjustments.

What We Do: Complete ET system management services including:

  • Spring start-up, inspection, and adjustment
  • Winterization
  • Periodic operation inspection and reports throughout the season to address minor problems or to identify damage or required service.