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Commercial Irrigation and Turf professionals design, install, repair, and maintainresidential and commercial irrigation in Sangamon County IL. To request a free estimate or inspection, call 217-290-1112 today.

Whether you’re in the market for a brand new lawn sprinkler system or need service for existing irrigation, we can help. For over 30 years, our team of irrigation specialists has provided on-time, reliable service that’s committed to satisfying our customers. We can provide a new design and proposal for any size or shaped residential or commercial property. All customer service requests will receive prompt attention from our customer service representatives. We are eager to discuss your concerns and schedule a visit for installation, repair, or maintenance of your irrigation in Sangamon County IL.

Commercial Irrigation and Turf welcomes the opportunity to service your home or business. We welcome you to contact us to discover why we’re committed to being the best sprinkler company in Springfield IL and surrounding parts of Sangamon County. Whether you want to discuss drip irrigation systems, winterization of sprinklers, or system repair, we want to earn your business!

Installation of Irrigation in Sangamon County IL

When you want installation of new irrigation in Sangamon County IL, we will meet with you to discuss and assess your watering requirements. Our team has done extensive research on environmental factors. Therefore, we know how things such as excessive shade, sunlight, poor drainage, or terrain elevations affect your lawn sprinkler setup and installation. We will provide a thorough evaluation of water volume, water pressure, and electrical devices to take everything in consideration on the design of your system. In addition, we will consult with you about your current landscaping and plans for any changes to it in the future. Then, we will install the best irrigation system for your property.

Maintenance Visits for Existing Irrigation

You should schedule maintenance visits with us at least once a year to check on your irrigation in Sangamon County IL. Our experienced technicians will perform a thorough diagnostic check of your system. As a matter fact, we ensure optimal performance for your irrigation by doing the following:

Irrigation Sangamon County IL
  • Raise sprinkler heads due to shrub or flower growth
  • Relocate sprinklers due to shrub or flower growth, landscape changes, or new trees, fencing, or pool installations
  • Replacement of clogged nozzles
  • Repairs of leaks in lawn sprinkler system lines
  • Adjustments to sprinkler heads that correct for the direction and volume required for the specific area they are watering
  • Recalibration or replacement of any defective electric solenoid valves
  • Checks of each zone for the correct performance pressure
  • Trimming of grass around sprinkler heads for best performance
  • Inspection & pressure testing of main lines and zone valves
  • A test of lateral lines and valve boxes for leaks
  • Checks, flushes, or replacement of all filters for systems with a well water supply, drip irrigation, or pop-up heads
  • Review and adjustment of electronic control valves, control wiring,orisolation shutoff valves
  • Resetting of the timer to maximize watering efficiency
  • Adjustment of the automatic rain sensor for better operation

Repairs for Existing Irrigation

We respond promptly when you require repairs of your irrigation in Sangamon County IL. Our technicians can replace any broken components or correct settings on your system for better performance. Trust us, you don’t want to try to do these sorts of repairs on your own. You can wind up spending a lot more by damaging your system while trying to repair it. All our technicians come with the training, experience, and tools it takes to get your system at peak performance.

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Commercial Irrigation and Turf is your trusted local source for the best irrigation in Sangamon County IL. We understand that one of the best compliments we can receive is getting a referral from you, your friends, or family. Call us today at 217-290-1112 or contact us online to schedule services or let us know how we’re doing. Whether you want a new system or help with an existing one, we want to earn your business today!