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Regular service on your yard's sprinkler system is the key to making your irrigation system last. Lawn sprinkler maintenance also ensures you are not wasting valuable water from a leak or other malfunction. Commercial Irrigation offers maintenance services for your sprinkler system to keep it working the right way. You can count on our team of experts to perform thorough checks and updates to your system, ensuring your investment is protected. We have served homes and businesses throughout Central Illinois since 1987, bringing you the experience and expertise you deserve!

Irrigation Maintenance

Full Irrigation Service For Homes & Businesses

Our maintenance and repair services extend to both residences and companies in Central Illinois. We have serviced thousands of systems across the area from the smallest residential yard to the largest corporate campus, and everything in between.

When we make a service call, our inspections extend to every nook and cranny of your irrigation system. We look at everything, including:

Lawn Sprinkler Heads - We make sure none of them are broken, missing or clogged. We also test to see how they are spraying the water to see if it is a constant, fine mist spray or if the pattern is blocked or misdirected.

Controller - We check the controller for any loose wires, if the area is clean, if a new battery is needed and more. We also look at the rain or moisture sensor functionality and if it is programmed accurately.

Valves & Pipes - We inspect the valves and pipes for leaks, low pressure and other issues.

Backflow Prevention Device - Illinois requires this device to be inspected and tested annually, so we make sure this is a part of your regular maintenance service.

Controls Management - We monitor your irrigation system so that you are not inadvertently over or under-watering. When we service your system we check the controls to make sure they are still working.

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We are proud to serve all of Central Illinois with our expert service. Just connect with us for more information on getting your lawn on a regular plan and for pricing information. Feel free to call us at (309) 698-3011 or contact us online. 

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