Irrigation Installation Springfield IL

The Top 5 Benefits of Irrigation Installation in Springfield IL

Commercial Irrigation and Turf provides fast and affordable residential and commercial irrigation installation in Springfield IL. Give us a call at 217-290-1112 today to get knowledgeable local irrigation experts with more than 30 years of experience for your job. As a result, you can experience the following advantages:

1.You Can Save Money

Avoid spending more on water bills than you need with professional irrigation installation in Springfield IL. Commercial Irrigation and Turf can install a system with controls, timers, and proper settings to create peak performance. As a result, we help you create optimal watering conditions and cut your water bill.

2.Automate Optimal Watering Conditions

Our company can install irrigation automated to run for specific time intervals at the best times of day. Watering before sunrise, for example, means the water better infiltrates the soil as it is cooler. In times of extreme heat, you might need three watering cycles a day.

3.You Can Save Time

When you get professional irrigation installation in Springfield IL, you get more time to do other things. Avoid the frustration of untangling garden hoses, tightening or loosening connections, and spending time out in the heat watering your lawn by hand.

4.You Conserve Water

Let us help you install an irrigation system that uses sprinkler heads, precise timers, and perfectly identified watering zones to conserve water. Plus, we can use tools such as a rain sensor to help you water your lawn in a more efficient way.

5.Avoid Flooding or Not Watering Your Lawn Enough

The most common flaw in manual watering is over and underwatering. When you get professional irrigation installation in Springfield IL, you can eliminate this problem. Flooding areas of your lawn will eventually cost you more to replace affected areas that die off. Meanwhile, fungus and moss can grow in poorly watered areas that can affect trees, create brown circles, or leave a white powdery substance over your lawn.

Avoid These Common DIY Mistakes with Professional Irrigation Installation

Irrigation Installation Springfield IL

Many people try to save money by tackling the installation of an irrigation system as a do-it-yourself project. However, they soon realize many problems can occur. As a result, the irrigation system likely will not perform as well as expected due to installation problems, damaged parts, or other issues. Therefore, you can learn from the mistakes of others by calling in the experts for your irrigation installation in Springfield IL. When you choose Commercial Irrigation and Turf for your project, you can avoid these common DIY problems:

  • Digging without locating cables or pipes – Do not risk electrocution or fire by hitting an electrical cable or gas pipe. Injuries and property damage occur every year because people dig trenches without the proper safety precautions
  • Incorrect pipe trench depth – Pipe trenches for an in-ground sprinkler system need to be at least 7 inches underground and no more than 10 inches. If the pipe is less than 7 inches underground, the PVC pipe is susceptible to the weight of anything above ground and could develop cracks. If the pipe is deeper than 10 inches, it may be difficult to tell if the pipe is broken or cracked and it will take some work to dig them up.
  • Watering grass and beds together – Trees, shrubs, and ground covers have large and extensive root systems as compared to grass. So, they only require about half the water. That is why planters and shrubs should be watered separately from grass. They do not need as much water as the grass.

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