Irrigation Installation Champaign IL Wants for Consistency

Irrigation Installation Champaign ILConsistency is critical when you have an irrigation system. Your system must be dependable, switching on and off whether you’re at work for the day or on vacation. Commercial Irrigation & Turf can make it happen. As part of our irrigation installation services, we bring quality to the forefront thanks to 30 years in the industry. With experienced staff, our dedicated employees have installed more than 1,000 systems. Through hard work, training and communication, we have the resources to make your project a success. So, for irrigation installation Champaign IL wants for consistency, choose Commercial Irrigation & Turf.

What We Do

To ensure a successful project, we use “trench-less” technology, whereby our irrigation contractors can install your commercial or residential system with minimal excavation. It’s our goal to lessen the impact and disruption to your home or business. With the assistance of application-specific tools and machinery, we can streamline the installation process significantly. In most cases, we can install your irrigation system in just a couple of days.

Plus, our irrigation systems are fully automated via an independent control station. You’ll get peace of mind knowing your sprinkler system can protect your landscape even when you’re not home. That’s because we give you lots of options for start times, watering schedules and even rain shut-off capabilities. As a distinguished leader in commercial, residential and golf irrigation in Central Illinois, we service all of Champaign, Bloomington, Peoria and surrounding areas. Our extensively trained professionals have the hands-on training you have come to expect. This makes them #1 in all aspects of the design, installation and construction process.

Rest assured, we handle irrigation installation services in these areas:

Irrigation Installation Champaign IL
  • Commercial sprinkler installation: Consultation, budgeting, design, specification, bidding, installation and service
  • Residential sprinkler installation: Design, installation, maintenance and service
  • Irrigation services: Installation, winterization, system start up, backflow testing, controls management, inspection, sprinkler head maintenance, controllers, valves, pipes, backflow prevention device, drip/micro irrigation
  • Finally, golf irrigation installation

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To learn more about irrigation installation in Champaign IL, call Commercial Turf & Irrigation today at 217-398-1494 or fill out our online form for more information. In conclusion, we are conveniently located in East Peoria at 109 Commercial Drive.