I Dream of Greenery: Keep Your Lawn Green All Season Long

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As we make our way into summer, yard care has sprung to the front of most people’s minds. There’s a good chance you’ve had to mow your lawn once or twice already this season. However, it takes much more than trimming to keep your grass in decent shape. With some careful planting and employing the help of lawn sprinklers in Bloomington IL, your lawn will become the greenest on the block.

Weed Em’ Out

Weeds can be a tricky business. You must strike a careful balance between the chemicals you use to kill weeds, to not harm your grass. However, by taking certain preventative measures, you can stop weeds from ever showing up. By encouraging the growth of your grass early in the season through various fertilizers, this will create a thick and healthy lawn. Thus, there will be no room for any weeds to grow.

A Little Off the Top

When mowing your lawn, it’s possible to go too far. While the thought behind keeping your grass super short may mean fewer cuts over a season, it can be harmful to keep your yard trimmed too low. When you cut the top one-third of your grass, it’s the part that most easily decomposes and contributes to much of the nitrogen your yard needs. However, any lower and the grass becomes thicker and more difficult to decompose. Thus, your grass can have trouble getting direct sunlight and nutrients, which will lead to further health issues.

Don’t Overfeed

While it’s important to fertilize your grass, it’s just as important to not overdo it. Too much fertilizer can do more harm than good and end up killing spots in your yard. Especially when you own pets that get their “business” done in the yard, you can end up with multiple over-fertilized dead spots. To counter this instance, make sure you keep up with your pet’s droppings and only fertilize your lawn once or twice a year.

Make Sure to Hydrate

If the season starts to get hot and rain is coming far less than it should, watering your lawn is crucial to the health of your grass. Over the course of one week, your yard should receive at least 1 inch of water that penetrates the soil 6-8 inches deep. The best part of the day to water is early morning, between 4 AM to 10 AM. Moreover, to more easily track the amount of water your lawn is getting, and making sure it occurs at the correct time, a system of lawn sprinklers in Bloomington IL is the best way to go. You can adjust the amount of water your lawn gets, what days it gets watered and for it to automatically start at your desired time. And for a sprinkler system you can count on, Commercial Irrigation & Turf can help.

Commercial Irrigation and Turf has been the leading choice for commercial and residential irrigation in the Central Illinois area for the past 30 years. We supply the best irrigation installation, maintenance and repair services, and for a price you can afford. By employing our top-notch service, you can ensure your yard stays green all season long.

For more assistance maintaining your lawn through lawn sprinklers in Bloomington IL, give the professionals at Commercial Irrigation and Turf a call. You can contact us at 309-698-3011. Also, we are located at 109 Commercial Dr., East Peoria, IL 61611.

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