How to Achieve a Perfectly Watered Lawn

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For a moment, picture this: it’s a beautiful summer day outside, and you’re beginning to wind down. You make yourself a light snack and pour yourself a cold ice-tea, making your way to the porch. As you sit down and begin to relax, an unfortunate site assaults your eyes: brown patches, mismatched lengths and weeds populate your yard. What was supposed to be a relaxing break is now an uncomfortable scene, as you realize the number of people that walk or drive by your yard every day. If this is your current life, don’t fear! With a little help from irrigation contractors in Bloomington IL, you won’t have to be embarrassed by your lawn any longer.

A Little Water Goes a Long Way

It doesn’t take much water to start to see your grass grow. By supplying at least 1 to 1.5 inches of water to your yard per week, it will look greener in no time. However, it’s just as important to regulate the amount of water your grass receives on a day to day basis. Generally, it’s best to water your lawn 2 to 3 times per week, not daily. By spreading out a week’s worth of watering every day, water will not penetrate the roots of your grass deep enough. A few deep watering’s per week will keep your lawn fresh and healthy.

How Can You Tell Your Grass is Watered Enough?

Unfortunately, by the time you can see whether you’ve been watering your grass too much or too little, it’s already dying or dead. Instead, there are a couple of other methods to measure how much water your grass is receiving:

  1. Tuna Can – For using a sprinkler, or evenly watering your lawn via your hose. Set out an empty tuna can in the yard. The height of the can is about 1 inch high. If you maintain a consistent watering over the entire yard, you’ll be able to tell when it has enough water by the amount in the can.
  2. Screwdriver – The soil of your lawn should never be too hard or dry. The best way to tell if it’s getting enough water permeated throughout is if you can stick a 6-inch screwdriver in the soil. If the complete 6 inches go down without much resistance, your soil is plenty moisturized.

Never Waste Time (Or Water)

If you genuinely want to water your lawn correctly, it’s best to take advantage of an irrigation system. By installing sprinklers for your yard, you are managing the water your yard receives via automation. If installed by the right irrigation contractors in Bloomington IL, your sprinkler system can include automatic start times, programmable watering schedules and rain shut-off capabilities. Irrigation with these additions can easily ensure you never waste too much water. Also, you save the time and hassle of watering yourself. And for help installing a sprinkler system for your yard, you can call on the professionals at Commercial Irrigation & Turf.

For 30 years, Commercial Irrigation & Turf has been the leading irrigation contractors for all central Illinois. Using trench-less technology, we can install a sprinkler system fast and efficiently, with minimal digging done in your yard. Both residential and commercial properties alike utilize our sprinklers.

To learn more about the best watering techniques for your yard from the experienced irrigation contractors of Bloomington IL, give Commercial Irrigation & Turf a call today. You can contact us at 309-829-1818. Also, we are located at 109 Commercial Drive, East Peoria, IL 61611.

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