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The Home Irrigation System Springfield IL Residents Want

Do you own a home? Do you have trouble keeping your grass and gardens watered? We understand. This is a challenge for any Springfield homeowner. An irrigation system could be the answer. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about it. It turns on and off automatically, for convenience and safety.

A home irrigation system will help you maintain a healthy landscape without spending an arm and a leg on your water bill. Too many people use excessive amounts of water to keep their lawns thriving, such as by running mobile sprinklers throughout the day. You’re wasting money on water and you’re wasting your time moving the sprinkler from place to place. Instead, make a wise investment on a home irrigation system and watch the benefits pile up. Commercial Irrigation has the home irrigation system Springfield IL residents want.

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Benefits of Home Irrigation Systems

Today’s watering systems are more efficient than any other form of watering. Thus, our irrigation systems will ensure the exact amounts of water get where they need to go. It’s this balance and consistency of operation and function that you will appreciate with your new home irrigation system.

So, check out these benefits of sprinkler systems in Springfield:

  • Prevention of disease and weeds.
  • Conservation of water and time.
  • Preservation of soil structure and nutrients.
  • Gardening flexibility.
  • Fewer maintenance costs over time.

For assurances of quality, value and performance, choose Commercial Irrigation to install your home irrigation system in Springfield. We offer services that go beyond initial installation, including repair, maintenance and inspection. Rely on our trained professionals for attention to detail and friendly service.

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Looking to outfit your yard with a dependable home irrigation system in Springfield IL and throughout Sangamon County? In conclusion, Commercial Irrigation can help. Contact us for an estimate and consultation at (309) 698-3011 or complete our online form.

How much does it cost to put in an irrigation system near Springfield?

Sprinkler system installation costs between $1,800 and $5,200 on average. New in-ground sprinkler systems range in price from $500 to $1,000 per zone.

Permits and hiring a contractor instead of doing it yourself are two factors that influence the cost of sprinkler system installation.

Alternatively, if you are a do-it-yourselfer who is unfamiliar with electricity and plumbing, you will need to hire professionals to handle those two main phases of the installation, which will increase the overall cost of a sprinkler configuration.

Does a sprinkler system add value to homes near Springfield?

A sprinkler system implicitly increases the market value of a home by improving its overall curb appeal. Because attractive landscaping necessitates adequate watering, an automatic sprinkler system protects your investment. It boosts property value by allowing shrubs to survive better and grow healthier over time.

Also, a sprinkler system increases a home's value by providing time- and energy-saving lawn maintenance. An irrigation system satisfies the needs of many prospective homebuyers who desire a yard that is simple to maintain and convenient for watering. A sprinkler system's added value is influenced by proper maintenance and care.

How do you fix residential irrigation problems near Springfield?

Sprinkler heads getting damaged is one of the most frequent issues with a lawn irrigation system. If sprinkler heads are placed too high and are struck by lawnmowers or vehicles, damage to the heads is very common.

Find the damaged head, remove any debris, and then clean it and adjust the spray pattern. Check to see if the spray head functions properly during the subsequent timer cycle. If not, it's likely that the sprinkler head needs to be changed.

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