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Drip Irrigation Systems Springfield IL Chooses for Efficiency

Drip irrigation comprises a network of pipes, tubes, valves and emitters. This system, also called micro irrigation, can deliver a slow-moving supply of water that gradually seeps into the soil. Standard systems, by contrast, spray large volumes of water directly onto the lawn or garden. So why do so many home and business owners choose drip irrigation? Mainly for its water and energy conservation methods, which leads to energy bill savings. In addition, your plants thrive and are much healthier. Flexibility of design is yet another benefit. This is because it involves placing tubing around your landscape to obtain the exact custom layout you want. For instance, you can extend it to hanging plants, down rows in a garden, on a street median, or as ground cover. Got an oddly-shaped landscape? This type of system is perfect for you. Commercial Irrigation has the drip irrigation systems Springfield IL chooses for efficiency.

Drip Irrigation

What We Do: Drip/Micro Irrigation Services

Everything we do is driven by a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Commercial Irrigation can:

  • Ensure emitters connect to the flex line.
  • Ensure the flex line connects to the riser.
  • Connect micro adjustment nozzle to the flex line with nozzle intact.
  • Service the filter strainer periodically.
  • Ensure proper operation of automatic flush valves.
  • Confirm operational pressures.

Proven leaders in residential and commercial irrigation throughout Central Illinois: we are Commercial Irrigation. Our highly-trained professionals would be happy to walk you through the process and give you a free, no-obligation estimate. We can let you know if drip or micro-irrigation is right for your purposes. We offer hands-on skills and training throughout the entire installation and construction process.

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Commercial Irrigation can provide you with quality drip irrigation systems in Springfield IL. Please call us today at (309) 698-3011  or fill out our online form for more information.

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